Will I yield more than a half pound for my first grow?
resolved Jan 1

Resolves based on the dry bud yield.

The seedlings are under a TS3000 350 watt light.

If you cant tell what I'm growing yet then this market may not be for you ;)

One month update:

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Update 1/1/2024 ; Resolving N/A

1/2 Pound by 12/31/23?

@KeenenWatts nah, whenever I crop out, likely in 2-3 months. I'm including the auto flowers that will be harvested before the photos are ready.

I just set an arbitrary close date

@Haws total of 5 plants, in a 5x5 2 autos 3 photos

@Haws How will you determine when to flip over? Will you be harvesting both autos then flipping the 3 photos? Or will you let the 3 photos grow more and fill the space?

@KeenenWatts I probably be flowering the photos for about 2 months, ill likely keep them for 2-3 weeks longer in veg than the autos. Looking to identify genetics, not going for a super insane yield.

Good chance I will also not popcorn them too, although haven't decided

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