Will my current streak on Manifold reach 2 years?

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How is it going so far ?

@Mich I'm at 442. Is that not visible to other users?

@HankyUSA I don't think so. I've never seen another user's streak. Mine is 142, can you see it ?

@HankyUSA Would you be open to share your takes about the pivot ?

@Mich Re: streak visibility. Hmm. I'm pretty sure that when I created this question I could see other user's streaks, but I can't find yours (on Android app).

@Mich Re: Pivot. I want to see what effects it has, good and bad. It seems obvious to me that giving out loans without considering the likelihood that the recipient will be able and willing to pay them back is terribly unwise. Doing so is unsustainable, so Manifold had to stop eventually. As an aside, I wish the USA would stop doing that with regard to student loans.

I'm not planning to drop the platform in protest or anything, but it is affecting how I use it. With the zero-interest loans and fee-free trades I would keep my mana balance close to 0 and bet freely on long term markets. Now I'm trying to use limit orders more and prioritizing shorter term markets. Limit orders aren't so exciting as making an actual trade. I still create new questions about twice a month. I want a reputation as someone who creates good questions and manages them well. I'll try ramping up to about one question per week.

Is there something more specific you wanted me to comment on?

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@HankyUSA Thank you for answer

I wasn’t thinking about anything specific, I just wanted to hear your general opinion partly out of curiousity and partly to refine my probability for this market