Will Fani Willis be removed as Fulton County DA before the end of 2024?

This question will resolve as YES if Fulton County District Attorney Fani WIllis is removed from office in any capacity on or before December 31, 2024. Otherwise, this question will resolve as NO.

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Willis has accepted Wade's resignation, meaning she will not be removed at this time:


Many Republicans would like to see Willis investigated by Georgia’s new Prosecuting Attorneys Qualification Commission. That body was created last year to discipline and remove prosecutors. But it hit a snag after the state Supreme Court refused to approve the commission’s rules.

Lawmakers this year are seeking to remove the court’s required approval, allowing the commission to begin operating. The commission would be able to remove district attorneys from office or discipline them for a conflict of interest, “conduct prejudicial to the administration of justice which brings the office into disrepute” or for “willful misconduct in office.”


A few lawmakers have proposed impeaching and removing Willis, an idea Trump endorsed over the summer. However, Georgia’s General Assembly hasn’t impeached anyone in more than 50 years. And a two-thirds majority of the state Senate is required to convict. That’s a tough hurdle because Republicans currently control less than two-thirds in the 56-seat Senate. A Republican is likely to win a vacant seat, bringing the GOP majority back to 33. Even then, five Democrats would have to vote to convict.


Perjury convictions likely for both Fani Willis and NAthan Wade. Estimated imprisonment time to be 12 to 16 months, based on precedents. Estimated Legal Disbarment period to be 3-5 years.

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Nathan Wade visited DA Fani Willis' Georgia neighborhood at least 35 times and stayed overnight BEFORE she hired him as special prosecutor, cellphone data shows. Cellphone submitted in court on Friday.

@GuyCohen How would resignation be handled?

Judge says DA in Trump election case could be 'disqualified,' misconduct hearing 'must' occur


Suggested wording to reduce ambiguities:

"...as YES if there is any period of time between the creation of this market and December 31 2023 11:59 PM EST during which Fani Willis does not hold the office of Fulton County District Attorney."

- removes ambiguity of "removed" (e.g. ambiguous circumstances around resignation or incapacitation)
- removes ambiguity if she is temporarily relieved of office but assumes it again

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