Will there be any physical violence or hostile screaming on stage of the 2023 Oscars?

This market will resolve to "Yes" if there will be any form of physical violence or hostile screaming at the 95th Academy Award ceremony. For reference example have a look at this years Will Smith-Chris Rock scandal.


This market will resolve to "No" otherwise.

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Gunneis predicting NO at 10%

If the physical violence is done as a joke, I'd say it's up to my judgement.

I'm leaning to "doesn't count", but if they actually punch someone in the face with force just for the joke, I'd let it count. (Highly doubt they'd go this far though)

Any told jokes that just involve screaming to mock Will Smiths screaming would definitely not count.

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Given that it says, "any form of physical violence" I'm interpreting that to mean it includes physical violence done as a joke. I think that the probability that the host or hostess does not perform some sort of physical violence comedy is extremely low

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cossold Ṁ56 of NO

@ConnorMcCormick Yeah, it's quite likely they'll try and make light of the previous year's events.

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How will this resolve if the physical violence is obviously done as a joke to mock the whole Will Smith-Chris Rock thing?

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@JoshuaB Oh shit I didn't think about that