Will Apple Stock break $200 in 2024
resolved Jun 11

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Since the market creator @GregoryStirling (as well as their other account @GregStirling) is inactive, we'll need @mods help to resolve. Note the creator did comment below that a close above $200 would resolve YES. Thanks!

According to a recent survey of analysts, there is a significant chance that Apple's stock will rise above $200 in 2024. The analysts set a median price estimate of $220 for that year. This agreement is a reflection of the market's general optimism about the stock's potential gains.

This optimistic forecast for Apple is the result of several important factors. The business is renowned for its capable leadership and track record of ground-breaking inventions. In addition, Apple has a loyal consumer base and is rapidly diversifying into new industries like autonomous vehicles and healthcare, which are likely to help it develop.

But it's important to be aware of the risks, which include the growing likelihood of a US recession in 2024 and heightened rivalry from other digital behemoths. In conclusion, given Apple's solid track record and continuous innovation, the outlook for its stock in 2024 appears bright, but investors should be aware of any obstacles.

If forecast by data of 2023, Apple Stock break $200 soon.

However, the last four years data shows that the stock dropped after September every year.
So, I bet it will not reach $200 in 2023, but it will reach $200 in 2024!

Thanks Dan,

This si new for me so glad to have this info. I could have made this a better bet.

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@GregStirling Greg, as I mentioned you can still make it right for this market. Just tap on the close date on the top right of the market page. Here, I’ll show you screenshots (from one of my markets since I can’t get the edit pop-up from yours):

Then you can set a new close date:

Hope this helps!

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@GregStirling ah I see you’re on a different account, I guess you’ll have to do that while logged as @GregoryStirling

Hi Dan, Its closing price and if it happens this year - then thats a yes I guess.

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@GregStirling thanks, and it closes on Jan 1 2024, so we must predict a year in advance, is that what you intended?

@deagol No I meant by Dec 31st 2024

@GregStirling so the way it’s set up now, the market will close on Jan 1 in a couple months, all bets stop then (kinda like the roulette guy announces as the little ball starts slowing down) and then we wait for the event to happen, potentially up to a year for a NO resolution. But you can edit the close date, just tap on it and set it back a year (I’d recommend this else very few will bet here).

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@Eliza here’s a case similar to that other one, but here the user did confirm it was their intention for this to close at the end of 2024.

No I meant by Dec 31st 2024

I tried explaining how to change the close date themselves, but it seems they’ve gone inactive since (17d ago). Another wrinkle is they seem to be using two accounts, and the confirmation of their intention quoted above is not from the same account as the one used to create the market.

Just wondered if you could use your superpowers to push the close date back a year. Thanks!

@deagol Done, thanks for putting in the work to figure this out.

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@Eliza thank you!

What’s with the close a year before resolution? Is the criteria for a closing price or intraday high? And what if it happens this year?