Will Donald Trump refer to Nikki Haley as "Nimarata" in the next two weeks.
resolved Jan 21

The reference can be written or verbal.

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A YES in spirit, but voided by a technicality. Ideally not how it should work, in my opinion, but fair to the NO betters.

As I see it, this market was about whether Trump would make a racist insult, not if he knew, or correctly spelled, her name.

In my mind, Trump definitely did what I was trying to ask about. But y'all aren't mindreaders. This was my first question here, so I'm still learning how best to phrase them. I should have thought through the possibility of him turning her first name into something more insulting.

On the other hand, I did put the exact spelling in quotes, and I did say that a different market should resolve as no because the name was spelled incorrectly in the question. (I was mostly joking and I didn't bet on that market, but still...)

So maybe N/A would be best...

I'm leaning towards resolving as yes. My intention was to guess whether Trump would attack her by using her non-chosen first name because it sounds more foreign. He definitely did that. The headline of the CNN article is "Trump attacks Haley while referring to her by her first name Nimarata."

Yikes! Sorry everybody. I very poorly planned this so it ended while I was away on vacation. I'm pondering the correct resolution now.

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@thepurplebull Relax, Entitlo.

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Now he's just trolling us

To me the original spirit of the question is: Will trump use her non-American name? He did that and the fact that he made a pun at the same time doesn't invalidate that.

(I'm not saying a NO-resolution would be totally incorrect either, this is a tricky market to resolve)

OP would have already resolved YES if Nimrada counted, lol.

@thepurplebull OP being absent is a problem but not a clear decision either way.

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I think the market should be solved with an N/A. For the past two days people have been betting on the market author's intentions, and not on the market, it makes no sense.

Nikki! Or “ni-mah-ra-ta” as her name was before she changed it. Weird, right? Why would you change it why aren’t you proud of your… heritage? I dunno. A lot of people like to joke folks, and I’m just telling you what I’ve heard, but a lot of people like to joke about her being Nimahontas! Can you believe it? Nimahontas, that’s right. Of course, you know, she’s a different kind of indian, not like our friend Elizabeth Warren, who, as you know, we like to call, Pocahontas. Anyways folks she’s gonna get smoked like Chris Christie said, have you heard that? He was on the mic but he didn’t know so he was honest about it, maybe for the first time, and when he was honest he said… “she’s gonna get smoked,” can you believe it? If it wasn’t on record I wouldn’t believe it, you wouldn’t believe it either but it’s true, you can find it! He said she’s gonna get smoked, and he’s right she’s gonna get smoked like you’ve never seen before, believe me.

@NADZOR “Like you’ve never seen before” so spot on

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@NADZOR Heritage not good for certain R voters. Changing brings them closer.

@GazDownright I was just emulating a Trump tweet hinting at that exact attitude lol, especially considering his own last name was changed from its original form for that exact reason

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@NADZOR Completely lost on me orz

Vocabulary only extends to “Nimahontas” or “Nasty Woman”

@VNetChrome omg lol “Nimahontas” is a brilliant coinage. Very Trumpian!

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I didn't realize this was a Trump spelling test. Seems bullshit not to resolve this as a YES

I think it's even more foreign to add the extra a. Why leave it out if that's the goal? Nima"rah"ta!

I don't especially think the market should resolve "Yes" based on this (although I would not be upset by the creator if they did decide to).

"Nimarata" is literally in quotes in the market title. Donald Trump did not refer to her as "Nimarata", he referred to her as "Nimrada" (because he is a nimrod).

@RobertCousineau evidence the creator likely agrees:

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@RobertCousineau Unless this is a way to denigrate her I don't understand, he simply mistyped.

@Emanuele98 This is coming from the author of Covfefe. Definitely mistyped.

@Shump again, the creator can resolve how they want.

nevertheless, I think as indicated by putting "Nimarata" in quotes, they care about spelling. Further, given that the only comment they have made so far on their account is arguing a market should resolve differently due to spelling, I'm further guessing they care about spelling.

@RobertCousineau It’s just a different romanization of a foreign name. My own name has more than two dozen different romanizations for it. I still know that it’s me being addressed if it’s typed in a group chat.

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@GregW What are your thoughts on whether the misspelling should count?