Conditional on switching to a Kinesis Advantage keyboard, how will my typing speed change after 2.5 months of usage?
>18% slower
6-18% slower
6% slower to 6% faster
6-18% faster
>18% faster

I'm considering switching from typing on my MacBook Pro's keyboard, to a Kinesis Advantage (either Advantage 2 or Advantage360, I haven't decided yet). The question is: conditional on doing that, how will my typing speed change after 2.5 months of mostly using the new keyboard ~every day?

Over the last ~2 weeks, I took 8 typing speed tests on (1 Minute Test, Medium Text). Results (not cherry-picked): 57x98%=56, 58x100%=58, 52x100%=52, 50*98%=49, 58x100%=58, 43x100%=43, 47x100%=47, and 55x98%=54 WPM.
Average: 52.1 WPM (after accounting for typos).

To resolve this question, I'll take another 8 typing tests on the same website ~2.5 months after I start using the Kinesis Advantage keyboard.

Example: if my typing speed after 2.5 months averages 48.3 WPM (after accounting for typos) across the first 8 tests that I take, I'll resolve to 6-18% slower, since 52.1*.94=48.97>48.3.

Other rules:

  • If I never switch, the question resolves ambiguous.

  • If I switch and I give up after <3 days, I'll resolve ambiguous.

  • If I switch and I give up after >3 days, I'll resolve to my best guess of where I would have been after 2.5 months.


  • For the first 1-2 weeks, I might only use the new keyboard for a few hours a day to avoid being slowed down too much.

  • I have relatively large hands (but not huge).

  • I have a desk job, which involves a fair amount of writing.

  • If I switch, I'll probably do 1-4 hours of deliberate practice to get used to the new keyboard, probably front-loaded. But I won't practice on the test website above (to avoid learning their tests).

  • I already have decent touch typing technique, i.e. I usually type letters with the "correct"/standard finger (possibly my form is bad in some other way?). I learned this when I was ~12 (> a decade ago) and have been using it in everyday usage ever since. So, I don't expect a few marginal hours of deliberate practice to make a huge difference.

I will not trade in this market.

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Is your motivation to switch keyboards solely to type faster, or are there ergonomic / comfort / pain considerations too?

Thoughts on keyboard choice:

It's expensive.

It looks like a worse ergodox... And both of these to me seem less comfortable than something like an "Alice" layout or any of its variations.

And it's not hotswappable with less than ideal switch options nor QMK/VIA compliant...

Thoughts on question:

After getting used to it you will type faster however I don't like these type of split designs as much because they make using a mouse while typing more inconvenient.