Will Apple leave the S&P 500?
closes 2050

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Will apple leave… when? Within a year? A decade?

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Will Apple be in the top 10 companies in the world by market cap at the end of 2023?99%
Will Apple's market cap go up during 2023?86%
Will Apple leadership announce a layoff of >=5% of workforce by EOY 2023?26%
Will Apple stock (AAPL) hit $500 before $50?65%
Will Apple Inc. downsize their workforce in 2023?38%
Will Apple’s (AAPL) market cap hit $3 trillion before $2 trillion?82%
Will Apple stock (AAPL) hit $200 before $100?87%
Apple Inc. (AAPL)Ṁ730
Will Apple acquire TSMC by 2025?4%
Will AAPL hit $200 before hitting $100?87%
Will Apple surpass $3 trillion market cap anytime before the end of 2023?58%
Will Apple have a valuation >=$3 trillion by the end of 2023?62%
Will Apple stock (AAPL) make a new all-time high (>$182.94) before the end of WWDC23?69%
Will Apple announce layoffs before the end of 2023?32%
Will Apple stock (AAPL) fully break $180 before $170?86%
Will Apple lay off more than 500 non-retail US employees in H1 2023?33%
Will Apple charge a company over $25b to be the default search on iPhone in 2023?28%
Will Apple allow alternative app stores by the start of 2024?86%
Will Apple launch a new IPad this year?83%
Will Apple announce the launch of a car by 2030?37%