Will Counter Strike 2 be available to the public by October 1st, 2023?
resolved Sep 27

If Counter Strike 2 is available for everyone to download before or on October 1st, 2023 this market resolves to YES.

If the game is not available by October first, this market resolves to NO.

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hooxi avatarhooxi
99% chance
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AliceRyhl avatarAlice Ryhl
16% chance

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This can be resolved as YES

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Dentosalbought Ṁ200 of YES
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@Arch1e valve hinted at the 27th yesterday

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Archiepredicted NO

@RosePit ik im just high on copium that it'll be delayed :)

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@Arch1e It's called Valve Time and it's real

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Why is this market so much higher than the others? Very interesting

Edit: I'm dumb :)