Will Mr Girl claim that he has a lot more evidence that he couldn't put in the manifesto?
Jun 1

Mr Girl can say this at literally any time before market close for it to resolve YES. Does not have to be written in the manifesto, or included in that video.

However, he can't then go "haha just kidding, it's all here". He has to mean it, like "There's so much more guys, I swear, please please believe me"

Market closes June 1st 00:00 GMT.

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L Spambought Ṁ50 of NO

In his interview with Whick, Mr. Girl says that the only thing he left out of the manifesto were "petty things", nothing substantial.

Link: 27:18 into the video https://rumble.com/v2exyqs-destiny-report-interview-with-whick.html

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Genzyis predicting NO at 73%

I had closed this market with the others when I probably shouldn’t have, I haven’t seen him say this but I also haven’t engaged with the content at all. Post evidence if you see him say it

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johnleokssold Ṁ159 of YES

@Gen I could have missed it but I haven't seen evidence of him saying he had to leave things out. It's 400+ pages and over 100k words, pretty sure he cramped everything there.

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Genzyis predicting NO at 73%

@johnleoks This market will stay up until June 1st as originally planned (he can say it anytime)

I shouldn’t have closed it 😵‍💫