Will anyone mentioned in Mr Girl's manifesto claim to be swatted following its release?
closes Jun 30

My expected close date is June30, 2023. If the article (somehow) still isn't released by like mid april, I might extend it. Keep that in mind when trading.

To resolve YES:

Anyone who is name-dropped in the article, or someone speaking on their behalf, must claim that someone name-dropped in the article was swatted.

Explicit mention of swatting + claiming it happened after the article (whether in relation to the article or not)


Destiny: "I got fucking swatted last week" - YES

Destiny: "One of the people who Max contacted and included in the manifesto told me they got swatted last week" - YES

Lav: "some freak swatted me" - YES
Max: "some freak swatted me" - YES

Max: "People are out to harm me, it sucks man, I'm so sad, wah wah, it hurts, I'm scared to sleep" - NO

Max: "Something really bad happened last night (alluding to swatting, without mentioning it)" - NO

Destiny: "When people are like, getting swatted and shit, it's too far. Max needs to give this shit up" - NO (explicit mention of swatting, without explicit date of occurrance but highly alluding to it occurring recently)

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