Will a Destiny video uploaded in 2023 reach 1 Million views before the end of 2023?
Jan 1

Destiny's Channel is growing, and has had one video recently reach 1M views in record time (3 months) https://youtu.be/y2PJ7wYU_8Y

Will one of Destiny's recent uploads, or future uploads in the year of 2023, reach 1 Million views before the close date?

Close date should be based on GMT. If it is wrong, it will not be amended. Trade accordingly.

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I don't mind the free mana but do people really think the August edit of the Shapiro debate won't get a million in over a month?

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@dgga Fair point. But the Lex video will be longer and come first. So that will probably hamper the success of the video quite a bit. And a similar "big deal"-type video, the Alex Jones debate only gained 890k views in six months.

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@Agh the Alex Jones video has almost 900k views

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3 Videos from 2023 are in Destiny's most viewed 50 all time.

The best contender:

11th May 2023 (1 month ago), "Sneako DESTROYS The Redpill Godfather on Fresh N Fit", currently sitting at 661K views.

6 months to make up 50% of the views it did in the last 28 days.