Which will appear first in Mr Girl's manifesto?

Resolves to "none" if none of the words/phrases are present.

I will only count the title & body text of his official article. If there is dispute what the real manifesto/article is, I will go by whichever document takes focus on Destiny specifically in relation to sexual impropriety, or if there are multiple, then whichever document makes up the majority of the video MrGirl uploads covering the "manifesto". If it's actually really unclear, I'll resolve to poll.


Must be exact character match or obvious typo unless otherwise specified, e.g. "Harvie Winestein" would count toward a "Harvey Weinstein" resolution, but putting "HW" or "Harvey W" with the same intention would not.

The [any phraseology] exception

Example, "referring to lav as his daughter" would resolve if he writes "He even insulted my daughter", "My Daughter, Lav" or something cringe like that


Grammar not necessarily important, "See something - say something" would count as "See something, say something"

Gen avatar"Harvey Weinstein"
Gen avatar"See something, say something"
Gen avatar"Betrayal"
Gen avatarReferring to Lav as his daughter [any phraseology]
Gen avatarMax claims he was suicidal [any phraseology]
Gen avatarnone [no listed word/phrase appears]
Gen avatar"Gnome"
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"Harvey Weinstein"

mrgirl-11 points·2 days ago -

The question is, are general audiences ready to look at or care about abuses of power in streamer world?

I think before the Weinstein article, most people didn't give a shit if some starry eyed 21-year-old actress gets coerced into sex with a bigshot producer.

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Simonbought Ṁ10 of "Betrayal"

@Redact I probably shouldn't be saying this but ngl I don't care about if afterwards