How many women will I cold approach before I go on a date?
closes Nov 22


33 year old white male. 6'2", 250 pounds. My profession is a solid middle-but-not-upper class, and my income is roughly the 85th percentile for my city. My city has less than a million but more than half a million residents. Sex ratio is closer to NYC than SF.

Willing to answer questions about my mate value in the comments but not ready to de-anonymize myself.

Counting method

Count will start from zero and iterate up for each woman I cold approach. Option will resolve when

  • I go on a date with a woman that I met through cold approach OR

  • A woman I cold approach declines my advances, but introduces me to another woman that I go on a date with

Dates with the following women will not resolve this option (because they make the challenge too easy):

  • Women I meet online

  • Women who initiate contact with me

  • Women that I meet from personal ads or paid matchmakers

  • Women I meet at speed dating or singles events

  • Women I meet abroad

  • Women that my friends or family set me up with

  • Women that were part of my work or social circles and got upgraded to girlfriend

  • Dates with the woman I am currently in a casual relationship with (I've told her I am looking at other people, and that I don't see long-term potential)

My goal is to get a girlfriend the hard way. To that end, I am delibrately choosing to avoid dating women through any of "easy" methods listed. However I cannot guarentee that I won't chicken out and settle on a woman that I met through an "easy" method.

If I do go on a date with a woman I meet through an easy method, option will remain open through through the deadline and continue to iterate upwards for each cold approach I do. Also, you will be within your rights to shame me as a pushover who can't commit to anything difficult.


  • If I go on a date with a woman I met through cold approach, option will resolve with however many women I cold approached while the option was active.

  • This option's value is capped at 99. If I make more than 99 approaches, I will try to find some way to increase the cap, else option will resolve at 99.

  • If after one year I have not dated any women that I met through cold approach, option with resolve as n/a.

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Pickle avatar
Picklebought Ṁ95 of LOWER

I've gotten a roughly 1/3 success rate with cold approaches and I am a diagnosed autistic. You'd have to give off the most horrific raper vibes in order to not get a date after 10 approaches. Like if you don't get a couple numbers after 10, you should go to a therapist immediately lmao

GG avatar

@Pickle How old are you? I'm 34.

NathanpmYoung avatar
Nathan Young

While I don't necessarily endorse this, I guess you've had some interesting experiences, how has it been?

GG avatar

@NathanpmYoung I've been to scared to do any approaches.

b575 avatar
Дмитрий Зеленскийbought Ṁ10 of HIGHER

With all due respect, I feel like a BMI of 32,1 (according to the first online calculator I found) is... somewhat lowering your chances?

GG avatar

@b575 Absolutely!

ian avatar
Ian Philipsbought Ṁ50 of LOWER

30 is too high! Best of luck!

BenjaminIkuta avatar
Benjamin Ikuta

How's it going?

GG avatar

@BenjaminIkuta on track to resolve as n/a😔

BenjaminIkuta avatar
Benjamin Ikuta

@GG Not cold approaching anymore?

tcheasdfjkl avatar

Where/how do you plan to do the cold approaches?

Jetbat avatar
Jetbatbought Ṁ50 of HIGHER

Good luck!

GG avatar

@Jetbat love the epistemic hygiene involved in wishing me good luck, then betting against me 🤣🤣

Jetbat avatar
Jetbatis predicting HIGHER at 15

@GG haha I did so with the assumption you need to run high volume to actually land dates. Higher than 15 is a safe bet imo. Would love to be proven wrong, for your sake!

ShakedKoplewitz avatar
Shaked Koplewitzbought Ṁ10 of HIGHER

Love the autogenerated art on this one.

GG avatar

@ShakedKoplewitz How do I see it?

ShakedKoplewitz avatar
Shaked Koplewitzis predicting HIGHER at 12

@GG Good question, I can see it in the link to this market from the front page, but not from inside the page from the market.

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