Will Atletico Paranaense win against Bolívar on Tuesday, August 8, 2023? - Copa Libertadores - should resolve n/a
resolved Aug 10

⚽ Atletico Paranaense vs Bolívar**

📅 Date: Tuesday, August 8, 2023 ⏰ Start Time (UTC): 00:00

🏆 Competition: CONMEBOL Libertadores

🔑 Market Resolution: The market will resolve to NO if the match ends in a draw. Please note that penalties and extra time are considered in determining the outcome

🕐 Market Closing Time: The market is set to close 180 minutes after the match starts. However, please be aware that an automated script is checking the API continuously, and the market may resolve immediately once the match is reported as finished by the API, regardless of the closing time

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N/A'd at creator's request

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@DavidChee please resolve n/a

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***On*** 8 Aug it is 6-5

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@ChristopherRandles I don't think anyone at Parenaense feels like they won anything today 🤣

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@StefanGoettsch 🤣If the question was "Will Parenaense feel like they have won" you would have a point. 🤣🤣

If the match had finished at 90 minutes (+ injury time) 1-0 then Parenaense would have gone out but won on the night and the claim would have been resolved yes because Parenaense won on the night with no-one batting an eyelid. I arrived during penalties and price seemed odd so I asked the question of how the market worked before betting. 6-5 inc penalties is no different than a 1-0 result at 90 mins (+ injury time) because the claim is clear about penalties being included.

However claim creator seems to have made up mind that it is too controversial so I guess I should accept that it is going to be N/A'd.

Claim was badly priced before and during penalties suggesting people didn't understand what they were betting on. N/A may well be a reasonable and sensible outcome after misunderstandings if the claim isn't clear. I might tend more towards saying if claim is clear and people didn't understand what they were betting on then that is their fault and they shouldn't be bailed out by an N/A. Caveat Emptor should apply to betting. The distinction I am trying to make here is perhaps marginal and I will accept creators decision to N/A it.

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@ChristopherRandles At the very least @FranklinBaldo should clarify how the other 2nd leg markets tonight and tomorrow are going to be resolved. The current description is completely ambiguous.

@travis I think if the same thing happens they should be n/a as well

@FranklinBaldo i will modify the resolution criteria for next markets

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@FranklinBaldo I would suggest the modification to say something like, "If there's no extra time or penalties the market will resolve to NO if the match ends in a draw. If there's extra time or penalties the said team has to win extra time or penalties for the market to resolve YES."

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@StefanGoettsch That seems a weird combination of on the night or 2 leg qualification depending on whether there is ET or penalties or not. Why do a weird combo like that? Why not just be extra clear, i.e. add a clarification saying that it is a) the result on the date only not the 2 leg result and b) includes ET and penalties if there are any.

That does not seem a change from what it currently says, so could be added to claims already written to prevent a N/A.

Perhaps also add a note that penalties can finish with 2 or more difference before sudden death.

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@ChristopherRandles I think a market description that has an easily preventable N/A branch is weird. I think adding up the goals on the day with the penalty shootout goals is super weird, if not taking into account the goals of the first match if there was one. But tastes are different. It's Franklin's market, so he can do it they way he wants. I just hope it unambiguous at some point 🤣

I think the best to do is n/a this one, because my description was dubious on how to handle the first match. But the app is not allowing me to resolve this way it asking to contact the admins @DavidChee

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@FranklinBaldo I agree. Traditionally Match Odds only count towards 90 minutes plus stoppage time. And then there's an additional market named "To Qualify"

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oh man the whole aggregate penalties thing has made things way more confusing

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@ItzNetwork Yea I dont know lol

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Parenaense lost in the comp over 2 games but tonight 2-0 then 4-5 on pens so 6-5 tonight so resolves yes?