Will I still be playing with my experimental software idea in mid-June?
resolved Jun 10

I like to code. So much so that I regularly play around with small private software ideas that rarely go anywhere or get fully developed.

Today I had such an idea that could plausibly grow in scope to be a years-long project, or could alternatively get abandoned within a week. Any given hobby project rarely captures my interest for a full month, but this one is greatly expandable in concept. I am very intentionally not going to try to explain my idea. The most I will say is that it was loosely inspired by cellular automata.

I plan to give approximately weekly updates to this market via comment. If at any point a full consecutive week passes before the resolution date with no relevant coding activity on my part, then I have likely abandoned the idea and this market will resolve NO. If I am still playing with my idea on June 15 (by my own judgement) then this market will resolve YES.

I will not be trading in this market at all. I am also not invested in its outcome. Such projects are exclusively done for fun and learning.

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Final update: The data was too chaotic for me to untangle, and this project eventually slipped completely out of my mind. Sorry to all for not resolving this sooner.

Update for week 1:

I have experimented with the idea using a JavaScript prototype, and found the emergent numerical patterns far beyond my ability to predict. I've had to start taking notes on my findings. I've reached the practical limits of what JavaScript and browser rendering can handle within reasonable timeframes.

At this point, I need to either come up with a new visualization method, or more likely simply switch to something more efficient such as C++. This somewhat lowers the odds that I continue tinkering, as C++ is less convenient, but also the sheer variety in data patterns has me intrigued, raising the odds.

I leave it to this market to figure out how to appropriately weigh these factors.