Will there be a sitcom about and/or starring Prince Harry by end of 2028?

Needs to have been released by the close date, not just announced.

Resolves YES if any one of the following is satisfied:

  • Prince Harry is the main character in the sitcom (must be named "Harry" (or "Henry") and be clearly intended to be the member of the British Royal Family (even if some details are changed))

  • Prince Harry is an actor playing the main character (even if the character is named something different)

Must be at least 3 episodes long. Total runtime of the whole series must be at least 90 minutes.

If Prince Harry is the actor playing the lead role and he's playing himself, I will managram each YES holder 500 mana, or their total YES position, whichever is lower. (Bots and alts excluded. I will be sole judge of whether an account is an alt.)

Just in case there's some subjectivity on whether the programme qualifies as a sitcom, or what exactly we mean by the "main" character, I won't bet in this market. I intend to allow some looseness of both criteria. (For example, if he's the best friend/spouse of the main character, that counts. If he's a cameo in a single episode, that does not count. If the show is described as a drama, but it's clearly intended to be funny, that counts. If the show is a documentary (or docu-drama), that does not count. Happy to add other "in or out" examples if required.)

Get Ṁ600 play money