How many trips to the hardware shop will I make while fixing my sink?
resolved Mar 2
5 or more

I'm trying to install a sink today

It seems likely I will need to buy pipes, fittings, maybe sealant (I haven't checked if I've already got some). It's a bit of a running joke that you always need more trips to the hardware shop than you think you will when you're doing DIY. I'll aim to get it all done in 1 trip, but will I be successful?

Market resolves to the number of trips I make between now and the sink being properly installed. See the other market for details of what that means.

I will bet in this market, but I promise not to manipulate it. (Doing so would mean potentially damaging my chances of installing my sink successfully, so I wouldn't do that.) Of course, I will be trying to keep the number of trips down, but only because that's the best way to do it for the sake of the project.

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Month long sink adventure, poor guy

@Pykess To be honest, for most of that time it was just a case of not getting around to it. It's been basically functional for a couple of weeks, just needing sealed.

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@SimonFillat as mentioned in the comments, I've already made 3 trips so there's no possibility of this option resolving YES. You should sell before somebody else buys lots of NO!

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I've rigged up the drainage a couple of days ago, which was the part that was causing me headaches. Think there was a leak so I took it apart and put some PTFE on today. Think it's probably water tight now.

I haven't yet siliconed it to the wall, but I don't anticipate needing to make any more trips for that. I've got plenty of silicone. I'll resolve this market after I've siliconed it (or decided not to, but I think I will). But I think it's very unlikely to require another trip now.

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Will you resolve the sub-options as they become known (e.g. 0 resolves NO when you make the first trip)?

@SonataGreen no, unfortunately with this type of market I can't do that. But I've been giving updates in the comments. It's already been 3 trips.

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@a2bb hahaha perfect 😂

I've been using the sink with no drainage but a bucket underneath for several days. Hoping to find time to get back to it this evening!

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Forgot to give an update last night. Made another trip for the part that wasn't in stock last time. I think I have everything I need now, but the job isn't finished yet so anything is possible

I stopped giving updates because it became a bit of a "get to the shops before they close" game. But I have already made 2 trips and the job isn't finished yet, so probably still a 3rd to come.

I might have got it in 2 trips if the shop had more parts in stock...

On my way for my first trip! Going to pick up sealant, a trap, and hopefully some appropriate pipes and connectors to connect up the trap.

Still 0 so far :O