[planecrash] Will Planecrash have an Epilogue...
By 2024-07-01?
By 2025-01-01, involving both main authors?

Speculating on epilogues, since some other question resolutions seem to be waiting on that. Unless otherwise specified, an "epilogue" must involve at least one of the two main authors (larwain, lintamande) and be in the "planecrash" continuity, not in the "sandbox" section. Unless otherwise specified, dates are for when posts start appearing, not when the epilogue is "done".

Let me know if there are other outcomes / timeframes we should have predictions on.

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IIRC Iarwain said Lintamande considered herself done with the setting, but I guess that doesn't totally preclude her returning.

@Multicore That's my understanding as well, but I haven't been keeping close track.