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How does this market work?

Similar to stocks, profit by buying low and selling high. As more people buy in the same direction you have, you can sell out of your position for a profit.

Essentially buy YES shares if you think a team is improving and you want to invest in them, and buy NO for the opposite.

Resolution criteria

The main mechanism for profit from these markets should be trading, not waiting for a resolution. However, we have found this can sometimes be ineffective, therefore this market can resolve to Yes or No if it meets any of the following conditions:

  • YES - If team wins 2 consecutive splits in their region.

  • YES - If team wins worlds or MSI.

  • NO - If team disbands/stops competing in a tier 1 league.

If a market resolves, then holders of the winning share type will receive a big cash out. The YES conditions are designed to try and keep the market probability somewhat balanced between teams of all regions.


  • If a team is acquired/merge/rename (eg. how Rogue became KOI) then the market will continue to exist and the title will be edited.

  • If a team's market does resolve YES, it will be recreated at 80%.

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I have heard from @Fedor that this market meets the criteria for a Yes resolution. I can't really decipher exactly what it is or the evidence, but I am optimistically resolving Yes. If you think this is an error, please provide some clarity and I can un-resolve it.

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