Who will win the Premier League 2023-2024?
resolved May 19
Manchester City
Manchester United
Newcastle United
Tottenham Hotspur

The The Football Association Premier League Limited, better known as simply the Premier League, starts again on 11 August 2023 with Burnley v Man City and ends on 19 May 2024 with an entire round of matches. At the end of the season, which team will be leading this league?

If one of the other 13 teams will win the Premier League 2023-2024, then this bet will resolve to the team of these 7 that ranks highest. If the Premier League 2023-2024 will not be finished as planned, this bet will resolve to N/A.

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bought Ṁ7,500 Manchester City YES

This can resolve to Man City

City won against Newcastle and celeberated like they won the title and maybe they just might.

Same question market but with all 20 teams for more liquidity and arbitrage

Who'll finish second? if finding the winner is too easy!

Are you going to add other teams? If not, would this resolve NA if a team not listed wins?

@Tyler31 Good question! Didn't think of that yet. What do people here think is right to do?

@ErwinRossen i dont see a team other than these winning(man city is 100% winning). no need to add ig?

@ErwinRossen I’d vote to add an option(s) to make it exhaustive. Seems early enough and not a big deal to people who already bet. If surprising things start to unfold will make this market much less interesting.

I don’t have opinión between just adding an “all other” choice vs adding all the other teams (or something in between).

I'm pretty sure it's not possible to add options here. You would've had to set it up with the "Other" option to begin with.

Other than N/A, you could resolve it to the winner (highest ranked) of the listed teams.

@travis Indeed I can't add any more options. I like the option of highest rank, will add it to the description.

@ErwinRossen Who else would you be expecting to win tosser 🚽

@ErwinRossen Wish you had included Aston villa

TOTTENHAM TIL I DIE (likely from the stress of being a fan)

rise up hot tot fans

@cece Wow bro, blocked....

@Mirek i see how it is

@cece yeah yeah

I will bid on Chelsea from the safety of my home way across this ocean, safe from hooligans who would kick my ass for such a measure.