Will Ilya Sutskever continue at OpenAI til end 2023?
resolved Jan 1

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Recent reporting looks bad for him staying too long. I made a market for where he goes if he leaves:

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Marcus on him leaving:

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End of 2023? Yes

End of 2024? No

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@MargaretWallace I'm kinda of certain that he would leave, that’s typically what happens during failed coups. But maybe not this soon (end of 2023), I would bet on 2024 instead

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@MargaretWallace Also don't think that Sam Altman wants to come off as the bad guy who retaliates, so it would make sense if he waited for things to cool down first

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@roma aww ❤️

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Someone is missing 🤔😿

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I think y'all are seriously underestimating the chance that Ilya gets fired as soon as they find someone to fill his position. He was part of a "coup" against Sam, and Sam doesn't appear to be very forgiving.

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@Shump Great reason to bet down the market that ends in 2024, but not this one IMO.

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I feel like if im sam - kicking ilya out at this point, especially quickly, would give off the wrong feeling to the rest of the openai team

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@jacksonpolack Maybe he'll do it Putin style, just wait for the right moment to get rid of him

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also from all reports ilya is an utter savant at his job and losing him to a competitor would be very bad

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@SemioticRivalry How does that square with reports that his role in the company was being reduced?

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@bec i wonder the specifics of that. for example the story we just got today about Q-Star says that Ilya was about to end their reliance on outside datasets

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Does this sound like somebody who is about to quit his job?

@Simon74fe absolutely not!

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@Simon74fe my no shares are worthless to sell so I'll just let it ride but I'd say there's nfw he's going - definitely not voluntarily

Does "continue" mean this resolves No as soon as he leaves, even if he is re-hired? His employment must be continuous?

@EvanDaniel it can NO immediately if he departs

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Under what story does he not stay?

@EliTyre Did you see the letter he signed?

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@Joshua I feel like Ilya is a bit of a special case re: the message of the letter, since he was I think more giving recognition and affirmation of validity to his people, and definitely not him trying to express that he himself is actively jostling for the solution of "let's all just dissolve this thing" -- especially given his tweet https://twitter.com/ilyasut/status/1726590052392956028 "I love everything we've built together and I will do everything I can to reunite the company." I don't see him leaving out of his own volition, but the opposite of trying to keep everyone from leaving :/

That said, there's a decent chance all of OpenAI gets bought by Microsoft and absorbed to the point where the name disappears, in which case this market may technically resolve NO. I don't think that's likely though.

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