Will I prefer the new Midjourney website to the discord interface, after 1 week? [subjective]
May 22

I've generated about 40k images using the midjourney interface through the discord. People complain about it but I think it's awesome. I love how you can hit "up" to easily edit + resubmit the prompt. I have done that a lot. I trust David and his design sense, and he's saying the new website for image generation and management will be good, but I am not really sure.

I will try hard to use the new website faithfully and do research into the best way to use it. If I like it better than the old interface after a week, as indicated by what I prefer to use for my daily image generation tasks, then this resolves YES.

I will not bet on this market. It's subjective, so be warned. I may give updates on how it's going as the week of testing goes on.

It's unclear when the website will be released, so If needed I'd extend the due date. They're planning to make it very usable at release so I'll start the test as soon as I have access, not including paid-user betas. I'll test from the date of the first public user broad access.

Update 12/2023: it's partially out but has no ability to create images. I think it makes sense to use that feature as the key marker of it really being out. So from the point its out, I'll mention that here and the 1 week clock starts.

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fixed close date - it's a sliding date, until the website version of MJ is released.