There will be a quantum energy research centre press conference before 11/1/23
resolved Nov 2

There will be a live or recorded video discussing LK-99, the papers, or related superconductivity or other issues before 11/1/23 released or associated with quantum energy research centre. The video can make any argument or claims, or admit failure, or take any other position on LK-99. If the video is released by a related institution but features any of the original seven, perhaps one reporting on the replication attempts, that counts.

It must feature at least one of the original seven researchers speaking in person. And it must be approved by the current staff of qerc (not staff fired or quit)

At least part of a video of it must be available on a site like YouTube, Twitter, etc visible from the USA. The representatives from quantum research center must in some way independently agree that this is a "real" information release/press conference/video from them, or at least not say it's fake. IE if a video claiming to be from quantum is released but their website denies it's them, it won't count. If it at least appears to be them with no denials, that's okay.

The clip must be at least 5 minutes long

There must be at least one journalist present

It can be anywhere, south Korea or elsewhere. It can be in any language.

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Shockingly the claims were false.

Lk99 is fake. I'm going to keep making these claims until the top lk99 holders sell out or the resolution comes in NO

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QERC and the LK99 guys have a nearly 100% record of failing every challenge they're offered

Do a press conference, share a sample, explain yourselves publicly, withdraw the paper, speak at a conference, make a video, make a tweet, convince any scientist, correct the synthesis method you published which doesn't work

All failures, yet all easy to do if you have a superconductor

bought Ṁ50 of NO

I'll bet these down, although I'd love to see the qerc guys explaining what's been going on!