Will Nintendo release a "pro" version of the Switch before a new console?
Dec 31

A "pro" version of the switch is a console which have the following criteria:

  • Same form factor (hybrid home/portable).

  • Better CPU and/or GPU than the base Switch. Other hardware differences are not taken into account.

  • No new games are announced to be exclusively available for the "pro" version.

This market closes if a new game is announced to be an exclusive, or when this console is released. So, a new game being announced as exclusive after the release of the console should not influence this market.

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I changed the closing condition of the market: if a new game is announced to be exclusive, the new console isn't considered a "pro" version. That'll possibly make the market close faster, as we don't have to wait for it to be released.

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News from Nintendo : https://twitter.com/Genki_JPN/status/1673540885097885696?s=20

The Nintendo eShop will be compatible with the next-gen console. Does that means it's retrocompatible? Does the next-gen is a true next-gen or a pro version like defined in this market?