How many days after his last manifesto will Destiny publish another?

How many days after the last manifesto (Oct 1st 2022) will a new one be published? At the time of writing this it has already been 173 days.

Edit: to clarify, a distinction between "Article" and "Manifesto" will not be made, an article will count.

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@Eugger why only Ṁ1?

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@EntireTwix oh probably Ṁ50 bonus

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@EntireTwix Yeah, and I also want to get notifications on this market without really putting anything in.

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Well I got baited before I read the description

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@Gen Might be worth updating the title so everyone isn’t salty af when they place bids. I’m guessing the position I filled was from another person who did the same

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@Gen sure, it would help for me to know how u misinterpreted it

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@EntireTwix ill just guess