Will I be convinced Erusian knows any Chinese phonology?
resolved Dec 9
Prominent high IQ commenter Erusian seems to display a really bizarre penchant for spelling Chinese names. I'm not entirely sure if it's dialectical influence or, more likely (given his spelling the simple character 平 inconsistently and fusing 小平 but not 近平) he has zero knowledge of the phonology of any Sinitic language and probably hasn't ever typed 中国字 on the computer. So far as I can tell, the only languages he has knowledge of are Latin, Spanish, ancient Greek, German, and maybe Japanese. This market resolves to "yes" if I am convinced by the end of 2022 Erusian knows anything of the phonology of any Sinitic language. And as is the rule for assassination markets: if I am convinced Erusian simply learned in order to satisfy the requirements of this market, this market still resolves "no".
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Yeah, Erusian is a skilled liar. I doubt anything he says is true. So ofc he knows Mandarin quite well. He was quite scared that I went full 1984 in the DataSecretsLox comments.

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@EnopoletusHarding The only reason dude stays in Miami is for sex.