Will Esteban Ocon drive for Alpine at the 2024 Canadian GP?
resolved Jun 10

There have been rumors of Alpine Esteban Ocon will be punished by Alpine for his crash with Gasly in Monaco by not driving in Canada. This market resolves to Yes if Ocon participates in the race in Montreal and resolves to No if Ocon doesn't participate for Alpine in the race for any reason.

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Jack Doohan will drive FP1 for Ocon, which strongly suggests Ocon is going to drive in the race otherwise they would have said "Jack Doohan will replace Ocon for the entire Canadian GP"

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"dropping Ocon as a punishment is an extreme measure which has never been used by another team in F1 history – and is extremely unlikely to happen.

If that decision is made it would likely damage the relationship with Ocon beyond repair while also damaging the Frenchman’s chances of securing a seat elsewhere on the grid, if they decide to part ways at the end of this season when his contract expires.

It’s more likely that the team will sit down and discuss the events of Monaco before putting a formal ‘rules of engagement’ document in place for future races to ensure the team is put first."


@KevinBurke I think I want to grasp at any straw to see the grid changed up in any way 😂