Will EAG London 2023 be fully catered
resolved May 22

Will EAG London 2023 be fully catered? Resolves positive if breakfast lunch and dinner is served at applicable times.

Resolves negative if not all applicable meals are served:
If the conference opens on Friday Evening, and no dinner is served, resolves negative. If the conference ends Sunday evening (i.e. >7pm) and no dinner is served, resolves negative.

"Applicable times" is subjective, but resolves with.a bias towards "no", in what I will call a "hunger bias".

"Fully Catered" refers to meals, and not snacks. But leniency is given for breakfast.

If EAG London does not occur, this resolves ambigously.

Edit 21/12/22 (21:30 GMT): Fixed spelling for "leniency"

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Resolving yes. I attended EAG London and had great food throughout, including the 3 daily meals at all applicable times

bought Ṁ50 of YES

This can resolve YES! I can testify for that

predicted YES

@ElliotDavies if meals are served as indicated on Swapcard, would that prompt a positive resolution?

I'm nervous about your slightly vague hunger bias criteria.


"Friday: dinner

Saturday: breakfast, lunch, dinner

Sunday: breakfast, lunch, dinner"

Yes, this would resolve positive.

Just to illustrate my thinking: If the venue opened 4 hours earlier (i.e. 10am), and no lunch was served, I would likely resolve negative.