EAGxNordics 2024 - What Proportion of merch will be consumed {840M$ Subsidy}
Apr 25
Vinyl Stickers
Notebook & Pen
Coffee Mug
Cable Quack
Tech taco

EAGxNordics 2024 is occuring April 26-28 2024 in Copenhagen.

At EAGxNordics 2024, what percentage of the following items will be consumed. Assuming the following:

  • Attendees will be able to pick one merch item each, plus a sticker.

  • We expect 500 attendees will attend the conference

  • We order 250 of each item

    Please note:

  • We may order less than 250 of an item if this market expects significant disinterest. In this case, we will resolve to our best guess if we had purchased 250, or resolve N/A.

  • It's possible we order with a different company than linked below

  • I will N/A options which we do not order.


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Added a subsidy - total subsidy is now 840M$

bought Ṁ100 of Coffee Mug YES

Will you order 500 stickers?

@andri We may purchase >250 stickers - but will resolve as if we had purchased 250 (i.e. resolves to 50% if 125 are consumed)

@ElliotDavies But you give a sticker to every participant, which is expected to be 500?

@andri When I created the market I was thinking not everyone would grab a sticker - even if the option was open to them

bought Ṁ50 of Vinyl Stickers YES

This is the first official announcement of EAGxNordics btw :D

@LudwigBald Haha, we have also put out a call for content referrals through local group organisers - which included date and location. Applications opening soon!