Will I find at least one useful mitigation to the side effects of stimulants?
Mar 2

I'm planning a literature review on prescription stimulants. One desirable outcome would be finding a way to mitigate side effects- will that happen?

Resolves if true if I find at least one potential treatment that's worth the effort for at least 10% of users (including those currently unable to use stimulants due to side effects), or out-of-the-park useful for 1% of users. "Random ass herb" counts as treatment, "skip days" does not, but some sort of algorithm for minimizing skipped days does.
Resolves to no if I find nothing.

Closes without resolving if I don't do the project.

Project is currently envisioned as 20-50 hours, depending on funding. Probably resolution before EOY but it may run long.

My past work is visible at AcesoUnderGlass.com

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Since I last saw this question, I was prescribed Clonidine to help address the sleep disruption caused by stimulants. It has worked really well for me in that regard. I believe it's also used to help with other side effects such as heart palpitations, for those who experience them.

@chrisjbillington 2nd’ed.

Clonidine is also used off-label for anxiety. Relatedly, propranolol can help with stim sxs too. (They’re similar; clonidine is an alpha-agonist, propranolol is a beta-blocker. Both result in lowering blood pressure and reducing general sympathetic nervous system activation.)

@chrisjbillington Idk how much you’re taking, but I suggest making sure you never skip a dose or suddenly cease taking it cold-turkey. (I.e. just titrate down if you ever want to stop)

Otherwise there’s a fair chance you’ll wake up very uncomfortably with acute tachycardia 😉

@snazzlePop yes have been told to taper 50mcg per week down to zero if I want to stop taking it. Currently taking 150mcg.

Magnesium glycinate 😉

Melatonin for partially mitigating sleep disturbance as a side effect of stimulant medication:


Very simple mitigation with few side effects of its own, cheap, available without a prescription (in the US), and seems to partially mitigate the most common side effect of stimulants.

predicts YES

Aspirin is claimed to reduce cardiovascular side effects in the ECA stack for fat loss via blood thinning effects.

Theanine is known to decrease jitteriness and blood pressure rise from caffeine. Experience says it works with amphetamine too, but I found no literature for that on a quick search.

@Wesley_ Seconding L-Theanine

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