Would you pay $10/month for a badge with no functionality other than being cool?
Jun 22
Depends how cool it is
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If you would probably do it, pick Yes. If you're unsure but you would probably be tempted, maybe the middle option. If it sounds stupid, pick No.

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The only cool badge would be a counter that shows total $ donated to charities by the person through this platform.

A non-functional badge would quickly become uncool.

@ClubmasterTransparent maybe if it was branded as the user being a donor/funder of the platform rather than Xitter style fake verification or Reddit style pointless rewards zoo then it might seem cooler

@TheAllMemeingEye now that I think about it, badges for Manifold charity donations might be a pretty cool social incentive too

The real question is whether people would pay to not have to display a particularly uncool badge next to their names 🤔

Are manifolders more rational? Because this poll would have much more yes in the general population as observed by natural experiments

@RanaG I'm convinced there are more Yes voters out there but I'm not surprised at the ratio so far.

@Eliza (Maybe some people want a little bit more than a badge)

@RanaG Which natural experiments do you have in mind?

@TimothyJohnson5c16 video games, NFTs, collectors of physical stuff

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I heard from some users who think badges are cool and maybe YOU would also be interested in a pay-for-cosmetic program? Maybe share your ideas in here if you have some.