Will Peter Sagan compete in the 2024 Paris Olympics?
Aug 11

In any cycling discipline.

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Apparently he's having another heart procedure.

He had a heart procedure today after suffering tachycardia in a recent race.

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Just a few hours until the documentary premiere


Tune in to

@ eurosport

tonight, at 10pm CET for the first episode of 'Chasing Glory: Road to Paris 2024'. Go behind the scenes to follow my journey in a unique and unprecedented way as I prepare to try and reach the Paris

@ Olympics

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@Eliza Surely this is still just totally delusional!?!?!? I need to check the points.....


Still 34th with the same amount of points, no changes in the standings! Seems like there are some events coming up in a few weeks though.

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I am proud to announce Peter Sagan’s program for the next MTB season together with an interview in this thread. His 2024 program:

11.2: MTB Abu Dhabi

17.-18.2: MTB Chelva

24.-25.2: MTB Banyoles

16.-17.3: MTB Marseille

road race in Slovenia

12.-14.4: MTB World Cup Mairiporã

other MTB world cups

29.7: MTB Olympics in Paris

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This is ridiculous but I am selling some of my No position because I do not understand what is going on.

Someone tell me what I am missing!

Peter Sagan went on a podcast today and claimed he is fully focused on Paris 2024 for MTB as his main goal right now. He is prepping for training camps and working hard.

My understanding before now, was that Slovakia is not in position to qualify and has limited time remaining to do so. Qualification info:


  • Needs to get Slovakia in the top 19, they are currently 34th, at 1396 points, and 19th is at 3025 points

  • Not eligible via continental championships

  • Highly unlikely or impossible to be eligible via 2023 WC

  • Slovakia is probably not eligible for universality place allocation

  • Some hope for a reallocation of unused quota, but it just starts going down the same qualification list

There is no "UCI can do whatever they want" rule. These rules are supposed to be set in stone, they can't just add him because of who he is. Even if he qualifies for road cycling, he can't enter into XCO unless Slovakia earns a quota place.

Here are the current standings for this ranking:

They are over 1600 points out of the qualification range

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biggest problem is qualification right?

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@Checktaschu Slovakia is in 30th on the MTB Olympic Qualification ranking right now:


Only the top 19 get a slot for the Olympics. Then also the top two nations not otherwise qualified from the 2023 World Championships. Sagan finished way back and behind many other nations that did not qualify. It seems like the MTB route is very tough for him without getting all top positions in all remaining events and that still probably isn't enough.

I think he would need to qualify for road cycling instead of MTB:

Slovakia is currently ranked in the range of 21 to 45 (around 30th) and seems fairly safe, it is based on the world ranking by nations of 17 October 2023.

So -- will he even be interested in the Road Olympics? Will Slovakia choose him instead of a younger rider? Will he retire completely from road after new talk that he is leaving TotalEnergies?

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