Will Kayla Harrison successfully weigh in for the Womens Bantamweight division for her fight at UFC 300?
resolved Apr 12

The UFC has announced Kayla Harrison will fight Holly Holm at UFC 300, in the Womens Bantamweight division. Since this is a non-title fight, the actual weight limit for the weigh-in should be 136 pounds rather than 135 pounds.

If Harrison makes the weight limit for the bout in the Womens Bantamweight division, resolves Yes.

If Harrison fails to make the weight limit, or the bout happens, but is adjusted to a different weight class, resolves No.

The scheduled date of the event is 13 April 2024. I would expect the weigh-in to be one day before on 12 April 2024. If the fight is canceled or postponed on or before 1 April 2024 (US Pacific time, Las Vegas time), this question resolves N/A. If the fight is canceled or postponed on or after 2 April 2024, the question will resolve No. The specific reason for this deviation from "N/A if the fight doesn't happen", is that missing weight or knowing you will miss weight is a common reason for a bout to be rescheduled or canceled. So if the bout is changed after 2 April 2024, the question is going to resolve No.

Ask any clarifying questions you wish in the comments.

Clarification: If she requires an additional weigh-in or some other exception arises, we will base the resolution on the official designation of the bout as a Womens Bantamweight bout, rather than "Catchweight" or some other result.

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@Eliza can't believe she did it she's yokedd 😮‍💨

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I think she’ll make 136 but the cut will likely be rough and affect her performance