Will @Gigacasting return and make a public action on the site before 1 July 2024?
Jul 2

Gigacasting has not done much lately. Will they come back and make a public action on the site before 1 July 2024?

If you have questions about what counts, ask below. It should be some action that is visible via the site's regular UI, even if it is hard to find.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of things that are public in the regular site UI:

  • Delete account

  • Create a question

  • Make a bet

  • Place a new limit order

  • Manually cancel an existing not-expired limit order (not due to running out of balance....show some kind of proof?)

  • Vote in a poll

  • Post a comment

  • Send a managram

  • Award a bounty from an open bounty you created (I don't think they have any open)

  • Leave a rating on another creator's market

  • Change the profile picture, profile details, contact methods, username, etc.

  • Edit an existing comment

  • Edit a market title, description, closing date

  • Resolve a market (or unresolve)

  • Like a post

  • Like a market

  • Complete Share quest

  • Claim a manalink

  • Apply additional bounty to an existing bounty

  • Follow a user (currently follows 0)

  • Generate and share a new manalink (must have an expiration date in the future, 'never expires' would not count -- present evidence in the comments if you got a new manalink from Gigacasting)

Here are some things that are actions but would not count for the purposes of this question. I believe some (not all) of these actions are auditable via the various APIs but cannot be attributed definitively from just looking at the site and seeing the site display "yes, Gigacasting took this action":

  • Log in

  • Read notifications

  • Regenerate API key

  • Change bet warning toggle

  • Hide a comment (not attributable to Gigacasting vs Moderator?)

If you want to battle it out over what counts, go ahead in the comments. Yes, someone might notice some of the actions in the second list and comment or bet on that info, before one of the actions in the first list happens. That's what I hope happens.

The action must happen after this market was created.

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@Eliza I think this resolves YES? He's been making a few bets lately

sold Ṁ103 YES

@Bayesian I think these are just limit orders being filled. When you go to those markets and look at the trade history you won't find any recent bets.

sold Ṁ348 YES

@Agh Wow, you may be right. That’s a bizarre way for manifold to display betting history on the profile

@Bayesian Another way to verify this after the fact is to look at the regular trade history on a market. Limit orders that get filled are listed way back where they were placed. Yes, it is a weird way to display activity for limit orders as "yesterday" on one page, but "18 months ago" on a different page.

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He should not even be allowing back on the site, banishing is the answer for the chaos he is creating for all of us!

Claim a manalink

This is probably now visible with the new portfolio balance changes list? If so, it would also count.

And these:

Apply additional bounty to an existing bounty

Complete share quest

If Gigacasting manually cancels an existing limit order that is not expired, should that count?

@Eliza I think yes, you can see it say "(canceled)" in the trade history view, right?

@Eliza Actually, it could be canceled due to running out of balance. I think that will have to not count. Or at least require some evidence.