Will Garmin announce a cycling computer with a screen resolution significantly greater than the Edge 1040 in 2024?

The Garmin Edge 1040 was released in 2022. Someone told me the Edge 1050 might come out in 2024.

Notably, the Edge 1040 used the exact same screen resolution as the Edge 1030 Plus and the Edge 1030, which was released in 2017.

The resolution of these devices is 282 x 470 pixels.

To resolve Yes:

  1. Garmin must announce a new cycling computer that is either called the Edge, or some new product name that is specifically dedicated to being a cycling computer. The announcement must come before the end of 31 December 2024, US Pacific time.

  2. The computer's main screen must have at least 30% more pixels than the Edge 1040's 282x470=>132540. So it must have at least 172302 pixels. (If a computer is announced that plausibly has more than that number of pixels but the exact amount cannot be determined before the closing date, the market will not resolve until the number of pixels is confirmed.)

Resolves No if there is no computer announced before the closing date.

Resolves No early if: Garmin announces one or more new cycling computers that are either called the Edge 1050 or appear to be successors of the Edge 1040 as the largest, most feature-full cycling computer, and no model has the required number of pixels.

Some Competitors:

Karoo 3 is 480x800 => 384000 pixels

Wahoo Elemnt Roam V2 is 240x400 => 96000 pixels

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Bonus question: Will it be larger than the 1040?