Will any team use a tire inflation system on their wheels for Paris-Roubaix 2024 (Mens edition only)?
resolved Apr 7

It has to be some kind of built in system that manages the tire pressure. It could be any system used in the past, like that used in 2023, or some other system. It has to be either automatic or controlled by the rider, something that lets them change the tire pressure while still riding. Carrying a CO2 does not count.

Has to be at least two riders on the team using it. One single rider is just an individual and won't count.

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I looked, found no evidence. Resolving No. If you find evidence that it was Yes, bring it and we can fix the resolution.

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DSM is also not using their one (I heard).

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@Eliza Still wouldn't be suprised if another team shows up with it. Let's see 👀

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I read that TJV is not using the tire inflation system.

Does it have to be the whole team? Or is one rider enough?

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@Checktaschu At least two riders. One single rider won't count. If it's just one, that's an individual. Two are a team.

@Eliza :cillejudging:

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I hope I'm wrong. This could really change the race to a more tactical one and less driven by luck. But so far, I don't believe the system development is far enough zo be valuable.

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Based on my distracted listening to the last BikeRadar nerd alert podcast, I would say yes, but only one or few teams

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@Ppau I'm most curious if Visma thinks is was worth doing again

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Here is the 2023 edition of the news:


Both Jumbo-Visma and Team DSM are set to finally use adjustable tyre pressure systems for this year's Hell of the North