Which UCI Mens Road cyclists will score more UCI points in 2024 than 2023?
Nov 2
Wout Van Aert - 4762
Carlos Rodriguez - 1618
Juan Ayuso - 1943
Stefan Kung - 2065
David Gaudu - 1597
Olav Kooij - 1907
Christophe Laporte - 2311
Mathieu van der Poel - 4163
Filippo Ganna - 2877
Mattias Skjelmose - 2908
Arnaud De Lie - 2891
Aleksandr Vlasov - 2040
Tadej Pogacar - 7695
Remco Evenepoel - 5631
Thomas Pidcock - 1989
Felix Gall - 1741
Neilson Powless - 2042
Jai Hindley - 1652
Guillaume Martin - 1657
Geraint Thomas - 1838

This is an unlinked mulitple choice market. Each option is a market upon itself.

Every option is listed as a name and their 2023 UCI point tally. If they score more UCI points in 2024 than 2023, that answer will resolve Yes. If they score fewer UCI points in 2024 than 2023, it will resolve No. No answers will resolve N/A.

If they exactly tie their 2023 points, it will resolve to 50%.

I expect that the total number of UCI points available in 2024 races will generally be similar to the 2023 points. If there are changes in the point totals that will cause drastic differences in this market, we could apply a scaling factor, but I do not think this is likely.

I have set this to the mode where only I can add answers, so they will stay sorted by the 2023 rankings order. I added the top 40 to start; trying to skip riders who are retiring. If you have any other suggestions of riders to add, comment below! I think this could be useful for a lot of mid-level riders who either had their best season in 2023 or had a down season in 2023. This market is a little bit like "fantasy cycling" in nature.

For your information, the UCI season for 2023 ended at the conclusion of the last WorldTour race of 2023. The 2024 season is already starting now and will end at the conclusion of the last WorldTour race of 2024. The exact date could change but is likely to end on 20 October 2024 with the conclusion of the Tour of Guangxi. If the UCI changes the end date of the 2024 season, we will use the date they choose.

Womens edition:


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bought Ṁ10 of Wout Van Aert - 4762 YES

What a fun idea! Love this market

@Primdal I have an entire list of offseason market ideas but they cost so much mana I need to do more work to make them.

@Eliza I am happy to fund the starting capital for the markets

The goal of this market is twofold:

1. Some kind of out-of-season fantasy cycling game to have fun and speculate

2. Mid-season update potential to buy/sell as results start to come in

I have spent every mana in my balance to create both this and the womens edition but if you have more names let me know. I will probably have more mana soon.