Which team will Lukas Pöstlberger announce for the 2024 season?
Gravel and/or MTB Privateer
No Team and No Retirement Announcement in 2024
Team dsm-firmenich PostNL
Tirol KTM

He announced he is leaving Jayco, where will he announce he's going?

Resolves on a team announcement. I will extend if necessary.

If he retires, resolves to Retired.

If he does not announce a retirement and also announces no team, resolves to No Team and No Retirement Announcement.

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Gravel and/or MTB Privateer

For this answer to resolve Yes, he has to not just show up to a gravel or MTB race, but "announce" a team/sponsor. So racing a random race in black or even with a sponsored kit might not count. And it should be an announcement for the season, not just for a one-off race.

Big thanks to Lion for finding the article from Kronen Zeitung -- since there has been SOME word and I no longer feel like this is just a black hole, I think we can leave this market open longer than 1 March even with no announcement. Note that the title of the question is "2024 season", so if he announces a signing for 2025, that will not resolve this.

I am adding a new answer "No team and no retirement announcement". If he goes the entire season with no pro contract announced from a team for the 2024 season, I will resolve to that option.

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I extended the market to 1 March. If he doesn't announce anything by then, I will N/A. It just needs to be SOMETHING saying "Postlberger is riding for X this season". Or a retirement.

@Eliza This Austrian 'article' (Kronen is gossip news) from Frebruary 5th states that he doesn't have a team, that he'll ride for the Austrian national team in the future and looks for a team. He doesn't want to retire. He blames his former manager who thought there would be better salary somewhere. But I amn't sure if the Austrian national team qualifies for this market. If you've questions or would like to have an accurate translation, feel free to ask. https://www.krone.at/3240738

@Lion If he is still seeking a team and NOT announcing "I am doing a solo thing this year intentionally", then I will probably extend this. Lots of riders sign later in the year in recent seasons. Thank you for sharing.

Does anyone have any kind of definitive announcement on this? I heard some stuff about a gravel or MTB privateer thing and bet that up, but I didn't see any announcements.

I think we need to extend the market until there is an announcement?

Any news yet?

Team dsm-firmenich PostNL

cmon taschu, there is no autocorrect on markets, you could have written this properly

@Checktaschu Editing answers is now supported, you can fix it.

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