Which SPRINTERS will win a stage at the 2024 Tour de France?
Jul 22
Jasper Philipsen
Mads Pedersen
Dylan Groenewegen
Arnaud De Lie
Mark Cavendish
Biniam Girmay
Fabio Jakobsen
Olav Kooij
Caleb Ewan

I will add answers on request but I want to stick to the main sprinters in the field with this question. For teams, see the teams market.

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is this one of the new markets that resolve to 100% for each answer that occurs, or will you be splitting the percentages among all the winners?

@egroj Yeah I only made this because I was trying to think of things to do with the new market type.

I think there is also some predictive value to choosing who will win a stage before you know who is starting, but it is a bit early since we don't even know the route.

Could you add Olav Kooij, Dylan Groenewegen, Mads Pedersen and Fabio Jakobsen

@egroj also Biniam Girmay and Caleb Ewan

@egroj I'm curios if Jayco takes Ewan or Groenewegen or both to the tour. I hope that there will be at least some drama 😂

@Lion logic says Groenewegen, but Jayco is an Australian team and that might play a role. I guess we'll see by the spring who's sprinting best. Right now, I'm being NO on Ewan winning a stage even if end up going to the Tour

@egroj Thanks for creating the question:

@Lion you're fast!