How many consecutive Grand Sumo Tournaments will feature NO Yokozuna on the banzuke? (After Terunofuji's retirement)

Yokozuna Terunofuji is expected by many to retire in the next ~year. Upon his retirement, how many tournaments will happen with NO Yokozuna listed on the banzuke?

If Terunofuji announces his retirement before a tournament begins, but his name is on the banzuke, the count will start with the subsequent tournament. If he announces his retirement during/after a tournament and his name is not on the following banzuke, that tournament will begin the count.

If the first tournament without his name features another Yokozuna, this resolves 0.

If there is one tournament with no Yokozuna at all, and then there is a new Yokozuna on the following tournament, this resolves 1.

I set the max to 20. If there are more than 20 tournaments with no Yokozuna, we'll resolve to the highest possible figure.

If a banzuke is drawn up for a tournament but no matches in the tournament ever take place for some reason, that tournament will still count for the purposes of this market. If grand sumo tournaments stop happening forever and Terunofuji is the last Yokozuna of all time, this will resolve to the number of tournaments that did take place without him.

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It's surprisingly common to have a yokozuna in action most years, I'm gonna bet lower for this one

I think there are plenty of good candidates, but they seem to have had an issue over the last 2 years of both consistency....and running into each other.

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LOL, I just put like 10% of my balance into creating then betting on this question.

@Eliza Must be an expensive question type