Come up with a scheme that will result in major Manifold updates posted directly on the main site with a 'notification'
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Manifold announces major, game-changing updates (and medium-to-minor ones) on a Discord channel and a spot called "Changelog" that is linked on the About page.

There is no notification anywhere on the regular site to tell users major changes have happened.

Many of these changes/updates are extremely important to your mana balance, future actions, trading rules, and the entire economy. I think it is extremely important that all site users at least have the opportunity to read these updates instead of tucking them away on Discord.

It is really, really bad for users to be wandering around wondering what has changed with no idea where to look, or even what has changed.

I have asked Manifold directly at least X times since August 2023 and the best I've gotten is they started the changelogs page. I think I've heard at least once that it's pretty unlikely they will add an "update dropped" notification bubble anywhere on the site.

WHOEVER COMES UP WITH A SCHEME THAT CONVINCES THEM TO DO IT GETS THE BOUNTY. If it's not clear who managed it, we'll figure out a fair way. Comment here with what you're trying to do and how you think you can get them to do it. (I'm out of ideas.)

Please contribute more mana to the bounty if you like the idea because I feel like this is worth way more than 1000 mana, but I've been using up all my mana on these things over the last few days....

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Also, I know it’s yet some other place to have to go, but one could watch the repo to be notified of changes (but not all may be user facing and not necessarily easily discernible what the change is)

@Eliza , I’ll try this; add bounty here if you would find it useful:

I generally get this via @strutheo adding an annotation to this:

They should just make the changelog more prominent on the app and website. It's the best of both worlds. Those who want to see what change occured can easily navigate to the changelog, while ppl who don't care aren't notified

Just place a bet in Strutheo's best meme market, and if there's a significant change, you'll receive a notification 🙃

On a more serious note, I don't have FOMO from not using Discord anymore because users create a market for any minor change, and in the end, I see it anyway. A notification for every single minor change or new functionality would be annoying.

Hmmm, maybe make and show them a prominent high trader number market along the lines of "If major Manifold updates get displayed on the main site, will a majority of users agree it was the best change in the past year in a poll?"


This ^^^

Banner similar to manifest


convince them to hire me as a fractional product manager for X hours per week 👍

clean up the about page, make the changelog more prominent, show the last few changes on the about page

send a message to each users inbox using the messages feature