[2024 Racedays] Remco Evenepoel - UCI Road Cycling
Nov 2

Resolves to the number of racedays tallied by Pro Cycling Stats for Remco Evenepoel in the 2024 season.

For 2023, the site reports 67 days.

This question is about the 2024 figure.

The question will resolve based on what the figure is at the conclusion of his racing season. If he announces his last race for the year, we can resolve then. If he does not announce a last race, we would likely resolve in the first half of November rather than waiting until the very end of 2024 for no reason, unless the figure is very close to passing into another bucket.

If PCS completely changes the way they tally this, we will use a different source.

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This should have been 67 days in 2023 according to pcs: https://www.procyclingstats.com/rider/remco-evenepoel/2023

@Lion That's right, this question is for 2024 though.

@Eliza Oh, did you want me to include the figure in the description as a reference point?

@Eliza I updated them all.

@Eliza What did this mean "On a 2023 page it looks like "10000km in 75 days"? I thought this was also just a c&p mistake.

@Lion It was just an example so people know what number I'm talking about.