[2024 Program] Wout van Aert - UCI Road Cycling
Nov 2
La Fleche Wallonne
Liege - Bastogne - Liege
Tour de Romandie
Giro d'Italia
Criterium du Dauphine
Tour de Suisse
Tour de France
Vuelta a Espana
Bretagne Classic
Renewi Tour
GP Quebec
Il Lombardia
World Championships - RR
National Championships Belgium - RR
Olympic Games - RR
Olympic Games - ITT
World Championships - ITT
Classic Brugge–De Panne

Each listed race that Wout van Aert starts in the 2024 season resolves Yes.

Each race that he does not start resolves No.

For stage races, only the first stage matters.

If the listed race does not happen, that answer resolves N/A because I want you to predict if he starts, not if the race goes under.

I've listed a WT-centric list of races that he has either started at in the past or seems to have some chance of starting at some point in his career. We can add more, but I'm not that interested in .1 or .Pro races -- his season should focus on a WT calendar and those are the important questions. Knowing if he starts an Italian .Pro before Lombardia is not quite as interesting as whether he will contest the big one.



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bought Ṁ35 Tour de France YES

@Lion He can do it next year.

@Eliza he can do it 2027.

bought Ṁ10 Tour de Suisse NO

@egroj I put a nibble of Yes on Dauphine and Suisse -- those two plus the Giro currently add up to 91% which feels a little bit high, but it seems like he would possibly want to race SOMETHING before the Olympics.

sold Ṁ1 Giro d'Italia YES

@Eliza looks bad for Giro, perhaps TdF

bought Ṁ3 Tour de France YES

@egroj PCS has him out of Giro:


One of the rare cases I wish there had been a market open for the race for live betting -- to see what the odds looked like on him over the last 90 minutes or whatever. What do we think, would it have been 90% the whole time? More?


Sadly there's no straightforward way to reorder all these into season order. I did put the WT ones in order but we'll just have to live with the new additions at the bottom 😂 The only other option would be to put like 001, 002, 003, at the start of each to do alphabetical sorting but that seems silly too.

boughtṀ100Milano - Sanremo NO

@egroj SAD TO HEAR THAT. 😭

bought Ṁ20 of Ronde van Vlaanderen YES

@Eliza he said he has to focus on Roubaix, what I don't understand is how Giron fits in with that

bought Ṁ50 of UAE Tour NO

@egroj Giro*

@egroj @Eliza For real or is that just some Wout-won't-start-the-Giro-doubting, because you guys can't predict the Italian spirit?

@Lion the opposite, I think that the plan is still to do Giro. What he recently said is that he will be focusing on Flanders and Roubaix: https://velo.outsideonline.com/road/road-racing/wout-van-aert-rolls-dice-in-all-or-nothing-cobblestone-quest-i-want-to-get-out-of-my-comfort-zone/
I think that the Giro distracts him from those goals

@egroj Let's be real, he won't win Flanders anyways. If he wasn't from there, he wouldn't even consider this race. But MSR really fits him.

bought Ṁ10 of Ronde van Vlaanderen YES

This is really hard to predict without Roglic in the team and Laporte stepping up.