2024 Giro d'Italia Startlist Mega Market
May 5
Wout van Aert
Tadej Pogacar
Derek Gee
Nairo Quintana
Filippo Ganna
Elia Viviani
Damiano Caruso
Caleb Ewan
Michael Woods
Wilco Kelderman
Jan Tratnik
Jonathan Milan
Jay Vine
Cian Uijtdebroeks
Olav "Okay" Kooij
Geraint Thomas
Alberto Bettiol
Gianni Moscon
Niccolo Bonifazio
Giulio Ciccone

Add a rider and then bet on if they will start in the 2024 Giro d'Italia.

Please only add riders you think people are interested in. We only get 100 slots so if you waste them all on riders no one cares about or that are 0%, you're ruining the question for everyone.

Must be listed as a starter on the official race report from the first stage. If the first stage is canceled or postponed, etc., then we'll use the first stage that happens. If the rider starts a stage that is later canceled mid-stage and results are annulled, I'll count them as having started, even if the organization does something else.

If the entire race doesn't happen at all, resolves N/A instead of all No. I don't want the probabilities to be impacted by something like global catastrophe or organizer incompetence. Bet as if the race will happen.

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Nairo Quintana

Is there an announcement or just vibes?


Solid two out of two "crackpot theories"

Wout van Aert
bought Ṁ3 of Olav "Okay" Kooij NO

@Eliza is he sprinting or going for GC? What does mean for Olav Kooij?

@Iamczecksy Okay Kooij will be alright. Maybe he gets to go to the TDF!

Geraint Thomas

@CHGJ the INEOS whisperer says the Giro-Tour double is likely. Bought 20 Yes.

Wout van Aert

This crackpot theory is now getting reposted!!! The entire world is falling apart in front of our eyes.

@Eliza #freegcpicasso is alive ❤

bought Ṁ10 of Remco Evenepoel YES
bought Ṁ10 of Sepp Kuss YES

Why it makes sense for Visma to send Kuss to the Giro: https://youtu.be/wYLBMB9PJdw?si=umgKjR1SekUTZ7c0

bought Ṁ10 of Tadej Pogacar NO

Pogacar very likely will focus on the tour. What's the main GC guy for UAE for the Giro, Ayuso or Almeida? Almeida doesn't work well with an extra leader, he's not over to work much for the team. Just added Ayuso to the market.

This has attracted some good attention, I made a 2024 TDF one too. I didn't include ones for markets that already existed (Cav, Roglic, Remco) and we can add more later:

boughtṀ15Wout van Aert NO

@LocalGlobal There is a theory bouncing around that Wout would do Giro->Olympics instead of TDF. Not that I necessarily subscribe to it....

@Eliza AND HE IS GOING FOR GC!!!! #freegcpicasso

@Eliza Theory seems pretty silly tbh. He wants to peak for the cobbled classics, doing the Giro after seems very difficult. I also don't believe in GC Wout (although I also didn't believe in GC Kuss and look at how that ended) and stage win at tour > stage wins at Giro.

@LocalGlobal In response to your comment, I created this question:


If the Giro was in a different place on the calendar, more classics riders could have the opportunity to ride it. It could be very good for the race overall. Seems unlikely to happen, though.

@LocalGlobal I don't think WVA is able to win the Giro, but with his punch, TT abilities and sort of climbing skills he could end up Top5 or even podium (depending on the startlist). He didn't win a stage last Tour and I think winning a stage in every GT is more prestigious than winning another Tour stage. btw Giro>>>French Media conference aka Tour

Only problems I see as well as you are the cobble races. But it'll be possible to attend both if he doesn't do every Belgian Kermesse race and just Strade, PR and Flanders.

@LocalGlobal We desperately need someone who doesn't believe in #freeGCPicasso

boughtṀ20Geraint Thomas NO

@Iamczecksy You're probably right but he would have such a high chance of winning if he rides this route.

boughtṀ10Olav "Okay" Kooij YES

@LocalGlobal He's just Okay.

bought Ṁ4 of Mathieu van der Poel YES

@Eliza 😭

@Eliza lol missed this.