Will I be accepted into any of the HYPSM universities?
resolved Apr 4

HYPSM: Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford, and MIT

Background: Asian male from New Zealand (international student)

Stats: 1590/1600 SAT; 45/45 IB Diploma score; school rank 1


  1. 2022 International Biology Olympiad Silver Medal

  2. 2022 British Biology Olympiad Gold Medal

  3. 2022 New Zealand Economics Competition National Winner

  4. 2022 New Zealand Secondary Schools Case Consulting Competition 3rd Place

  5. 2021 New Zealand Engineering Science Competition Highly Commended

Extracurriculars (I chose 5 to give a rough vibe):

  1. Founder, Science and Engineering Student Association

  2. Founder, New Zealand Biology Tournament

  3. Founder, Biology Olympiad Workshop

  4. Founder, Youth Entrepreneurship Club

  5. Leader, Management Consulting Club

The majors for which I signalled interest are all molecular biology oriented. Financial aid has been requested for all need-blind universities, otherwise is waived. I have been deferred from Stanford in the Early Action round.

This market will be resolved in April after decisions from the HYPSM universities are released. Resolves YES if I get into at least 1, resolves NO otherwise.

Close date updated to 2023-04-01 12:59 pm

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VictorLJZ avatar
Victor Lipredicted NO

alas, the college decision season is at a close. im sad that i wont be going to one of the HYPSM unis, but it has been a good run. better to have tried and failed than to have failed to try!

VictorLJZ avatar
Victor Li

Update: I was rejected from MIT :((((

VictorLJZ avatar
Victor Li

@embeddedagent this is my new acc of the market maker lol

ShakedKoplewitz avatar
Shaked Koplewitzpredicted NO

My prior based on the grades and achievements would be around 60%, but asian male probably makes it significantly harder. International I'm less sure about - they accept fewer internationals overall, but it might make you more different/raise the variance, which is a net positive.

ShakedKoplewitz avatar
Shaked Koplewitzpredicted NO

@ShakedKoplewitz otoh my perspective is probably skewed? Most of the actual Yale undergrads I know we're significantly less accomplished, but maybe they wrote really good essays or had extracurriculars or connections or something.

EA42 avatar
Embedded Agent

@ShakedKoplewitz Yea fair enough. I agree that my race and gender is definitely not working in my favor due to affirmative action. I think being international is still overall a disadvantage since they accept proportionally less. Overall I think the main thing is how much exactly will my application be knocked down by these factors and whether or not my achievements can make up for it.