Will I finish at least one book this month?
resolved Apr 1

I haven't read too many books recently. The last book I finished was the first harry potter book about 4 months ago. This market might create an incentive for me though :)

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Yeah I really don’t think I’m gonna finish this book by the end of the month. Sell your yes shares while you can!

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@DylanSlagh -18 PepeLaugh

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@Luca sorry lol :/

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@Luca got a discord? I'll send you the mana :)

@DylanSlagh All good :D Was a fun bet :)

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Update: I’m 18% of the way done with “Pillars of the Earth” I’ll try and get to 30% by the end of the weekend

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@DylanSlagh Only 2 weeks left, getting worried :/

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@Luca yeah well nothings certain 😉

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Started reading “Pillars of the Earth” Still a strong chance I don’t finish it though. I’m notorious

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@DylanSlagh going for the juicy 800 page book, rip

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@Luca lmao this might create some turbulence in the market? Can I finish it? tune in to see!

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Go for the second HP book, I believe in you :

@Luca Ehh, I’ve read the HP books a bunch of times and I got bored this time. The trouble for me finding books is finding something as easy to read as a YA book but with adult themes and writing that interests me