Who would win in an MMA match? (Biden or Trump)
Donald "Big Rump" Trump68%

If NO fight occurs: Resolves by poll presented to all Manifold users EOY. Results will pay % based on polling %

For this hypothetical superfight (Musk and Zuck would be lucky to be on the undercard):

Consider the match to be planned for Dec. 31, 2024 at The Sphere in Las Vegas to determine the winner of the election. It was determined this was easier than the shitshow from the last election.

5 Rounds (Championship fight obvi) - Herb Dean is the ref. The fight is announced the day after the election. Consider the amount of training time each would have when you place your bet.

IF Trump and Biden are not the candidates in the election, they still have bad blood and Dana White will organize this fight anyway.

IF the fight actually happens on Dec. 31, 2024 there will be no poll and the official UFC results will settle this bet binaryily.

Consider this wisely. Good luck.

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This is hilarious lol

Hey, please don't spam your market in all the US election market comments.

@Joshua I didn't know that was spamming. Sorry! Never again.

@Joshua Are there any tutorials or videos on youtube I can watch about Mainifold?

@Dink welcome. Manifold FAQ can be reached through Google, but it's unimaginably terrible. Manifold Discord channel great help but if you're not already on Discord, try following a couple people who seem active and respected for a bit. Not me! And not @EliezerYudkowsky or Destiny who are very huge but very niche celebrities with their own orbits.

@Dink the rational animations vid is a fun introduction