Will I get into Wellesley ED?
resolved Dec 9

GPA: 3.7 UW, 4.9 W

Class rank: 29/456

Test optional (but sharing all my AP scores)

Florida, Charter School

Sociology Major

AP Scores/Advanced Coursework: AP Psych, AP Seminar, AP Spanish Language, AP English Language: 5; AP Euro, AP Art History: 4; APUSH, APWH: 3. Taking AP Lit, AP Chem, AP Bio, AP Comp Sci P this year. 4 Dual Classes finished but will finish off with around 12 by the time I graduate, finishing my AA. Some Bs and 2 Cs due to unstable income circumstances that led to me having to focus more time at home than at school, which will be explained thru additional info.

Income: Primary Household: 46k. Non-Custodial: 50k. First gen in United States, Hispanic from Venezuela. Unstable income due to my mom's job. Questbridge reject ๐Ÿ’”๐Ÿ’” (500k house value, Miami is getting too expensive)


Research internship with Organization of American States, the diplomatic body within the Americas.

Columnist for a big Miami newspaper

Writing a research paper for important anti-gun violence organization Giffords.

Student Leader for one of the few Venezuelan channels still giving news uninfluenced by the regime; 1M subscribers on youtube, 880k on Instagram.

Research internship with Political Science professor at local, important university.

Volunteered at the local TPS center, aiding immigrants by giving them food and water to withstand the brutal long hours of waiting outside in the Florida heat.

No club activity due to yearly fees and mandatory competition fees that I cannot afford. So I had to do activities outside of school.

Increased activity in Junior and Senior year after lack of activity during my first two years of high school due to financial and transportation circumstances that made me pay more attention to taking care of my siblings and the house.


Article Published on big DC newspapers with 50k Publications weekly

Artice Published on big Miami newspaper

AP Scholar With Distinction

National Hispanic Scholar (Collegeboard)

Interviewed on a news channel that has millions of viewers regarding the TPS changes.

English Student of the Year

Principal Honor Roll.

Being awarded $1000 in a competitive non profit program that aims to increase minority participation in tech fields

Worked with the Head Hispanic Director of Democratic party to write an Op-Ed article that got published

LOCS: 10/10

Applying to Wellesley ED, 39% AR.

Question will close on 12/15

Will resolve to yes if: admitted

Will resolve to no if: rejected, deffered, waitlisted. I will then post a followup with the info about the next round to begin voting again.

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@JuniKim i gen do not understand what went wrong ๐Ÿ’€ so embarrassing of me

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you seem like a total lock and a great candidate, unless you display some disbelief in the absolutely dominant political views popular at Wellesley.

@Ernie deferred </3

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@Ernie the fact you're posting here isn't a good sign from Wellesley's POV. Seriously though the wellesley girls I've met... you are probably better off elsewhere. cc 2 years, actually work and learn, then you'll know what you should do