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resolved Jan 31
Will Destiny go live by 4pm on Jan 31st?

Resolves YES if Destiny is live on any channel by 4pm CST on Jan 31st. (streams going past midnight from the previous day do not count, must be a new stream)

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RJ Perezbought Ṁ100 of NO

I’m pretty sure you can’t stream for a week when you get a strike.

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Fishcakebought Ṁ70 of YES

@RJPerez The strike was lifted yesterday he's 100% going live to farm Atrioc drama while he can.

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RJ Perezsold Ṁ70 of NO

@Fishcake I realized this too late 😭

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Buttocks Cocktoasten

Mr. Des Tiny and friends:

I am in very dire need. Today I signed up for Manifold and spent all my mana buying yes shares in the following market, about whether Eliezer Yudkowski will tweet the word "rationalussy":

This is a problem because now I have no mana left, which means I can't spend even more money buying yes shares on the rationalussy market. I am now in desperate need of donations, which I promise will be put to a good cause (buying more yes shares in the rationalussy market). Any help you can provide in this matter is greatly appreciated.


Mr. Buttocks Cocktoasten